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University students who wish to participate in the Essay Competition must do so individually.



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Submit an academic essay with the length of 1000 until 1500 words, focusing on the subthemes of The 21st Economix.

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This year, I had the pleasure to submit an essay to The 18th ECONOMIX discussing the socioeconomic implications of climate change. I believe that as a competition, the essay writing process was supported by ECONOMIX's deep research on the subject matter. This helped in creating an intriguing and relevant theme for participants to write an essay on. I learned a lot of new things, sharpened my writing skills, and engaged with a subject I deeply care about. 


Therefore, I recommend undergraduates everywhere to sign up for ECONOMIX's essay competition, as it will truly develop useful sets of skills, while increasing the knowledge of the world around us.

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The opportunity The 19th Economix had given to me expanded my comprehension regarding the ever-expanding digital lending. Besides the always-relevant topics, the competition also sharpened my research know-how, and I believe this competition is suited best for those who are academically hungry, where you will engage in issues of the economy. Thus, I highly recommend students to join this competition, as the personal development offered by the competition is very valuable.

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A remarkable experience to compete and giving our best idea to solve climate change problems. One sentence to describe how interesting and challenging to participate in Economix competition, especially on essay competition. The international networks and environment also build the high quality standard of works that we have to submitted. Joining economix competition is one of bucket list that you have to experience on! 

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