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Each delegate represents a country within a United Nations council.


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Delegates submit position paper prior to the simulation.


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MUN delegates aim to create a draft resolution to solve the problem under discussion.

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Asserting and Fostering MSME Participation in the Global Value Chain

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Micro, small, medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), according to the OECD, are non-subsidiary, independent firms that employ a relatively few number of employees. While the exact definition of an MSME differs across countries, traits such as lower capital, lower revenue, few number of employees, and unincorporated status are universal among them. As of 2020, 90% of businesses and 50% of employment around the world are in the form of MSMEs. While MSMEs represent 90% of businesses across the globe, their presence is only felt in domestic and not international trade. According to the 2016 World Trade Export, firms with fewer than 250 employees – which could be labelled as MSMEs – account for 78% of exporters in developed countries but only 34% of exports. MSMEs are usually in a disadvantaged position in conducting international trade as MSMEs have long struggled to access trade finance due to the common traits of MSMEs, which include high-risk perception, high transaction costs, lack of financial skills, jurisdictional differences, low short-term liquidity and non-traditional counterparty relationship.


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Enclosing The Gap Of Inequalities: Achieving Inclusive Global Rebound Among Countries

The significant disparity between rich and poor countries is now wider than it already was, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its lasting legacies. In emerging countries, where social protection systems are less developed, it is estimated that the pandemic brought about 100 million people into extreme poverty, raising the global total from 655 million in 2019 to 711 million in 2021, that would have been 613 million by the same year if the crisis never happened. Meanwhile, in the same period, the US has managed to drop the poverty rate by 45% due to the implementation of COVID-19 related policies. (WID 2021)

The exacerbation of pre-existing inequalities also generates unprecedented and inevitable harmful impacts on the global society, especially the marginalised people. While the world is trying to get back on its feet, it is expected that the rebound will be uneven across countries. When higher-income countries look set to register strong growth, lower-income countries most affected by the pandemic and its aftermath impacts may take longer to recover. Ensuring equitable responses of individual countries is necessary to impose inclusive global recovery where no country is lagging.

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Economix MUN was one of the most substantive conferences that I have ever chaired. Even with the role to guide, I learned a lot about the topics during the study guide making and the debate. I believe that this is a good platform for both beginners and advanced MUNers. Do join the upcoming conference and thank me later ;)!

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The Economix MUN have been one of my highest moment in my MUN journey. Filled with very capable and experiened chair, added with abillity of the Economix to attract capable and substantive delegate make this one of the the best MUN to participate in Indonesia. I happily recommend for any MUNer out there, whether they are beginner or experienced to participate in Economix.

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Undoubtedly, Economix MUN is one of Indonesia's most prestigious and competitive MUNs. The greatest chair, outstanding guest speakers, and top-notch substance were all provided by Economix MUN. Economix put together a creative project for their event with a highly skilled team. It makes sense that this committee could attract many amazing delegates and raise the level of competitiveness in the MUN. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Economix MUN, and I would like to recommend this for all MUN enthusiast to participate.

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This is a go-to MUN conference that you'll regret to miss! With high level of competitiveness amongst the delegates, I'm sure anyone would have a lot of fun participating Economix MUN.

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As someone who has chaired at multiple conferences, chairing for Economix MUN was my favorite experience in my MUN career! Everyone that I worked with was so kind and passionate about the issues that we discussed for the conference. Additionally, facilitating debate for those participating was wonderful! Everyone had such different ideas and backgrounds which created an engaging debate on the topics at hand.

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Economix MUN has been one of the best MUN experiences in my life. It doesn’t only fulfil the impression of a grand conference but really serves its reality. Comprised of a very professional and an excellent hospitality committee until its best substance and outstanding topic. For me, it is a whole complete package of MUN experience despite turning into the virtual setting. Not only has it broadened my horizon, the selection of board of dais, communication platform, and event concept have shown the hard work of the committees. There is no doubt that Economix MUN secured a place in my heart!

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The 19th Economix MUN is one of the most challenging MUNs that I have ever been to for the past one year as an MUNer. The substance was very on point, the dynamics of the debate were clear, and the delegates were amazing in showcasing their capabilities. Despite being in a small council, the numbers don't limit us to interact and discuss the solutions hence creating a great flow of debate. Also, the committee was very nice and inclusive and they care about our well-being not only as a delegate but also as a person. Thank you so much Economix MUN hope to see you soon!

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