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Throughout past Economix events, the International Seminar has managed to educate the global public on crucial and interesting themes related to global economic issues. These themes were discussed and presented by economic experts from within and outside the country. Speakers who have participated in our International Seminar include economists from the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and great figures such as Professor Emil Salim, Mr. Ignasius Jonan, Professor Iwan Jaya Azis, Mr. Arcandra Tahar and Mr. Jusuf Kalla, Former Vice-President of Indonesia. 

The 21st Economix International Seminar will be introducing a hybrid scenario, where participants are welcomed to come on-site and join in a critical discussion and an interactive session with our notable moderated speakers. The respective seminar will also be accessible for the general public at online streaming sites. The 21st Economix International Seminar consists of two parts, keynote and moderated sessions. The keynote session will feature important economic figures and last for 20 minutes. The moderated session will include a sequence of presentations and discussions that lasts for 20 minutes for each speaker which will be rounded off by a Q&A session.

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In the past, the International Dialogue has been successful in educating international audiences regarding niche issues that have an effect on the global economy. As one of The 21st Economix pre-events, International Dialogue proposes a moderated discussion between speakers based on trigger questions regarding this year’s theme, “Financing the Green Transition of Developing Countries”. Emerging giants of global demand–that are correlated with low and middle-income countries–are now starting to require high energy consumption, with there is only a small amount of environmental funds investment in these nations which can jeopardize the future of the world’s energy and climate. This session will look to discuss the importance of investment in clean energy technologies usage to create a green and environmentally-friendly pathway of growth.

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circle 1. jusuf kalla.png

Jusuf Kalla

Former Vice President

of Indonesia

circle 2. fukunari kimura.png

Fukunari Kimura

Chief Economist at

ERIA Institute

circle 3. ignasius jonan.png

Ignasius Jonan

Former Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia

circle 4. vivi alatas.png

Vivi Alatas

Lead Economist at

the World Bank

circle 5. acandra tahar.png

Arcandra Tahar

President Commissioner at PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk.

circle 6. owen john jenkins.png

Owen John Jenkins

British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste

circle 7. airlangga hartanto.png

Airlangga Hartanto

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Indonesia

circle 8. emil salim.png

Emil Salim

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Practice Leader for Human Development at the World Bank Group

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