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Foreword from:

Dear distinguished delegates,

With great pleasure and honor, we, the Executive Board of The 22nd Economix, proudly welcome you to The 22nd Economix: Global Economic Challenges. Economix is the biggest annual student-held International Seminar, Competition, and Model United Nations in Indonesia. We are organized under the auspices of Kajian Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia (KANOPI) as the student association for undergraduate economics students in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. 


Throughout two decades of Economix, we have been delivering profound insights and in-depth discussions for a deeper understanding and discovering potential solutions to the ongoing global economic issues through our three main programs: International Seminar, International Competition: Policy Brief, Paper, and Essay, and Model United Nations. Moreover, we also place a high value on cultural exchanges and international networking among our delegates and board members through our International Cultural Gathering. This year, we are ready to bring back Economix's dynamic experience, which includes direct international exposure through our competitions and Model United Nations, as well as an International Seminar that will bring speakers from around the world to our venue. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has expedited the pace of adoption of technologies and shifted the frontier between humans and machines across sectors and geographies. These advancements also evoke mounting concerns about their potential effects on the workforce, particularly amidst the current scenario of heightened inequality and polarization within the labor market. Beyond its influence on the labor market, the proliferation of technological advancements has also been instrumental in reshaping the dynamics of global trade and commerce. But as it continues to reshape industries and economies, the persistence of disparities in access to and utilization of these technologies becomes evident. Therefore, through the grand theme of "The Surge of Technological Power: Engine for Global Economic Change," the 22nd Economix: Global Economic Challenges aims to drive the discourse on the crucial issue of deglobalization from all disciplines. We are delighted to provide opportunities for everyone to analyze the outlook of the labor market, global trade and commerce, the digital divide, and even better, to design a framework that can tackle the world’s most pressing issue.


On behalf of the whole committee, we are inviting you to participate in the 22nd Economix: Global Economic Challenges and experience the most prestigious international economics event in Indonesia.


Kind Regards,

Executive Board of The 22nd Economix

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