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Participants of The 21st Economix is a team that consists primarily of two to three members currently enrolled in a Bachelor (S1) Program or Diploma (D3,D4) of any major.


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Team members could consist of active students from different universities. 


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Paper competition starts with a Call for Paper Proposal in which participants should  submit a paper proposal with a maximum of 1000 words briefly elaborating the research questions and methodologies.


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After Call for Paper Proposal, 10 teams will advance to the Full Paper Submission stage, and then 5 teams will advance to the Grand Final.

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Best Case Study Team


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For us, It’s been a great pleasure to participate in The 18th Economix! The 18th Economix has given us many invaluable insights, especially on the international issues brought to awareness by the competition itself. Not to mention, the immensely exhilarating and enriching experience that we felt while working through several challenges provided by the 18th Economix! We highly recommend everyone (from freshman to penultimate university student) who seek self-development and new perspective to join The Economix! Espirit!!

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It has been an honor for us to be able to participate in the 19th Economix! The 19th Economix is a great competition to learn new things, gaining valuable insights as well as gaining more international friends. Not to mention, the challenges provided by the 19th Economix encourage us to think critically about the current international issues. The 19th Economix also provides us with professionals to train us on how to write a comprehensive paper. Therefore, we highly recommend everyone to participate in the 20th Economix because the experience you will gain will be well worth it.

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The 18th Economix was a fantastic opportunity that I will cherish for a long time. The team did an incredible job recreating the experience of a physical conference in an online setting through exciting judges, speakers, and performing arts acts. Having an entire conference on the topic of climate change was a great choice, within which it was inspiring to see so many students come together from around the world to generate solutions to a deeply urgent problem. The multiple stages of the Economix Paper Competition enabled me to develop valuable skills in academic writing, presenting, formal debates, and analytic thinking while learning more about climate change. I would like to thank the 18th Economix team, guests, and my fellow delegates for making this conference so special.

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We are very honored to be able to partake in the 19th Economix. Both of us obtained a lot of insights and new perspectives on the highlight brought by the competition, the need to eliminate poverty equally. Our experiences were also amazing and thrilling, a rollercoaster ride of emotion throughout the conference. For those who want to improve their skills especially in academic writing and quick problem solving, go join and participate in The Economix paper competition!

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